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Welcome to RS2000 Kit Car; a little corner of the internet devoted to the Ford Escort RS2000 of the 1990s. This website has been put together to chart the history of the RS2000 16v, from its difficultGwyndaf Evans Vauxhall Rally of Wales 1997 release as a road car in 1991, to its success as a works rally car during the flame-spitting “kit car” period some six years later.

2011 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of the 16v RS2000 in 1991, and also the 15th anniversary of Ford winning the British Rally Championship in 1996. As part of this anniversary, it was decided to do a little research into the competition history of the later model RS2000 Escorts. However, it quickly became apparent that this history is barely documented, with little information around of any kind. Web searches bring pages and pages of results celebrating the career of the Escort RS Cosworth, but little seems to be known about the RS2000, with “facts” often being little more than hearsay or rumour.

Of course, it’s understandable that the big-winged, wide-arched, turbocharged Escort RS Cosworth grabbed a lot of attention at the time, and it has become a truly iconic car, on both road and rally stage. The RS2000 was, sadly, in the shadow of its big brother, and struggled to find its way into the limelight. But, from its humble beginnings as a road car never designed for competition, it quickly proved itself as Stephanie Simmonite Manx International Rally 1997a formidable rally car, racking up numerous rally wins, countless top stage times and several major trophies. It may have been stuck in the shadow of the Cosworth, but the RS2000 was always in the thick of the action and often setting a pace its competition envied.

There is much more to the story than can be explained here, and it is by no means a complete history, but the information is as accurate as possible. We’re always looking to update the site and fill in any blanks in these cars history. If you have any information, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to update the site, and make this the most accurate RS2000 rally resource around.

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At this point we’d also like to thank anybody that has already contributed to the site, providing information, images, results or even stories of old. So a big thanks to all the enthusiasts, drivers, mechanics and engineers who have contributed, notably Baz Cannon, Guy Woodcock, Mike Smith, Mat Lewis, David Higgins, Neil Simpson, Stephanie Lee, the list goes on and on, so thank you to you all. Please take the time to visit our links page and check out all our contributor’s sites, and the services they offer.